Season activities

The MAS DU GRAND JONQUIER is open all year and we would like to make you discover Provence “off” the traditional way :

  • Cherry blossoms in spring,
  • Warm sun and the song of cicadas in summer
  • Unique colour of vines in autumn,
  • Hoarfrost , try and sunny Wake ups in winter,
  • and occasionally a small Mistral… 🙂

When is it the most beautiful in Provence?

When should you come to Provence?
Our Answer: ANY TIME , when you feel like it … at all times of the year.

Spring time

Here in Provence spring is usually 4-6 weeks ahead of the rest of “Northern” France.

On the markets, we already enjoy the tastes of the “sun”; Asparagus and strawberries, followed quickly by cherries and apricots in May. A bit of rain – because the weather may be a bit capricious in April and nature is waking up with great strides.
The bulbs (crocus, tulips) open and we already take advantage of the garden, walks in the sun or just “nothing” to do. SIESTE…REPOS

Summer time

Summer, from mid-June to mid-September, is undoubtedly the most popular season for tourists. Flowers, Olive trees and Van Gogh sky are just waiting for your “I always wanted to see this in real”.
The sun shines generously, the cicadas sing from the morning till dinner time, the fields of lavender await you and the nap imposes itself between noon and 16:00 after having visited the markets.
The sunny atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world and the villages prepare local parties outside, markets in the evenings of the high season. If you feel like enjoying the quietude, out of the crowd in the markets? Stay with us in the park with a nice book a glass of rosé wine and be happy!


In the autumn, the Indian summer, the second spring in Provence begins in mid-September to the end of October.

It is still very beautiful, you still wake up with a blue sky “Van Gogh “(21- 23 days a month), the sun still shines pleasantly even if from time to time a little autumn rain presents itself.

The colours of nature, vineyards are just beautiful and one feels that the vegetation grows differently. For us it is the preferred period of the year because the markets still show many vegetables and fruits and our guests return in the evening after a nice walk to warm up with a good tea in front of the fireplace. And why not visit a vineyard party? The locals celebrate the new “wine” and it is a lot of fun tasting and following the owners explications.

Christmas and / or New year in Provence

Fairy atmosphere …. bride lights… Merry Christmas Songs in the villages

Without the fever “speed before the Christmas holidays”.

Provence is so rich in traditions and Christmas markets.
Do you know the Santons of Provence. A MUST for the lovers of Provence.

All the beautiful traditions (Santons, Christmas Desserts) are fortunately even stronger than the “consumerist” side.
The Christmas markets will make you fell this festive and warm atmosphere all day long. Despite the lower temperatures the sun is shining ,the sky still blue and a nice warmth is almost always there. (we forget the Mistral)

Our home is well heated and a nice cup of tea in front of the two fireplaces warm up yours fingers and yours hearts ..

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